American Girl’s Next Doll Photographer Contest! *please read*

Hey, everyone! Soooo, last time I tried hosting a contest was a big fail since no one entered, so I came up with a more interesting idea. 😏 I now introduce to you… American Girl’s Next Doll Photographer or AGNDP for short. 😉

How do I enter?

If you would like to enter, choose one doll (or your only doll) that you own. Email me their name, your name, your blog, and your best picture of them at

Your entry will be omitted if it does not include the following:

~The doll’s name. (The one you’re entering for the whole competition.)

~Your name. (or what you would like to be called in this competition)

~A link to your blog. (You’ll be posting your entries on there, so I’ll need a link.)

~A picture of your doll. (The picture must include the doll’s face in it and must be appropriate.)

How does AGNDP work?

Ever week, there will be a new theme. You must submit your photo (it must relate to the theme) on your blog and I will go check it out with the link you provided me with. For fun, you can even add a little caption below your picture. Remember, this is both a photography and creativity contest. If you add a funny little joke or pun, you’ll have less chance of being eliminated. Yes, I said eliminated. 😦 Sadly, each week, someone will be eliminated, but will have a special post dedicated to them with all of the pictures they entered in this contest. At the end, everyone will get a special surprise. 😀

All entries are due July 13, next Friday, 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. I hope you can enter! Adios, mi amigas!



Author: agbeyourself

Hi there! I’m AGBeYourself. 🙂 I post mainly about AG dolls. My site is called agbeyourself, so you can go check that out! I like soccer, American Girl Dolls (obviously), photography, filming, and blogging. 😀 My first ever viewer was ThePolkaDotPatriot. She’s awesome and you need to check her blog out! It’s out of this world!!! Anyways I’m always happy to have another AG reader (and their doll) stop by and check out my blog. :) Remember to always be yourself! -AGBeYourself 🤪😜😂

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